First time live in Belgium

May 17 @ Frontline in Gent 

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On the road again

For the very first time in the UK there will be three liveshows in april 2008.

The dates are

Th. 10.04.08 Edinbourgh - The Ark

Fr. 11.04.08 Sheffield - The Corporation

Sa. 12.04.08 London - Slimelight

Currently we are preparing a very special and exclusive surprise for this tour… be patient We’ll tell you more in a few weeks…

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Back at Home

After touring Germany as suport act of “ROTERSAND”, AAN is back at home.Thanks to everyone who came to the concerts it was a great time for me and all those great people who made this tour possible.There will be some photos of this tour online in a few days.Currently the production of a new AUTOAGGRESSION album has started. The working title is “White” so please be patient there will be new material out in a few months. 

Published on Nov 06, 2007 at 1:09 pm.
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ARTEFACTS is now in the DAC for about 7 weeks

…and still on position 5.

Keys (one of the leading german magazines for musicproduction) reviews the current Autoaggression album like this:

Music 9/10 | Sound 9/10

Autoaggression beglückt Liebhaber ausgefeilter Electronica mit einer neuen Veröffentlichung. „Artefacts“ bietet genau das, was bereits der Albumtitel verspricht: digitale Klangfragmente, Sample-Reste und scharfkantige Rhythmus-Loops, die Chef-Aggressor Lukas Schneider mit der Präzision eines Feinmechanikers geschichtet und neu montiert hat, bis sie als höchst individualistische Elektronik-Kompositionen Gestalt gewinnen. Die fein gravierten Sound-Texturen laden zum konzentrierten Lauschen ein – allerdings nur so lange, bis bereits der dritte Titel den Hörer unverhofft auf die Tanzfläche bittet. „Artefacts“ verweilt nicht bei minimalistischen Ambient-Tracks, sondern bietet auch Industrial-Fans, Glitch-Freunden und Techno-Jüngern Hörenswertes. Verbindendes Element der abwechslungsreichen elf Stücke ist die präzise Detailarbeit von Lukas Schneider, der mit „Artefacts“ ein Ausrufezeichen hinter das Wort „Elektro“ setzt. (wus)

Autoaggression pleases electronica lovers with a new release. "Artefacts" contains what the title promises: digital soundfragments, sample-grains and sharpedged rhythmnloops, which are put together with the precision of a clockmaker by chief-aggressor Lukas Schneider, until they come to life as very unique electronic compositions. The finely graven soundtextures call for concentrated listening - but only untill the third title pulls the surprised listener to the dancefloor. "Artefacts" refuses to be just a minimalistic Ambient album, but offers industrial fans, friends of glitch and even techno disciples music to enjoy. The connenction between those variing eleven tracks is the precise detail work by Lukas Schneider, who puts with "Artefacts" an exclamation mark behind the word "electro". (wus)

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“Artefacts” still on position 4 in the DAC

Artefacts still remains to be on place no.4 in the DAC (german alternative charts)

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DJ comments on Autoaggression Artefacts

DJs from popular german alternative Clubs comment on “Artefacts” :

Silverwings / Berlin: Das gefällt! Innovativer Sound. Hebt sich von der Masse ab und ist ordentlich produziert.

Silverwings / Berlin: That’s great! Innovative sound. Very different from the masses and well produced. / Dortmund: Schon auf den SEPTIC Compilation haben mir AA immer gut gefallen und das Album bietet jede Menge tanzbares und abwechslungsreiches Material. / Dortmund: Since the SEPTIC Compilation I really liked AA and the Album offers a lot of danceable and varied material.

Strich 8 / Dingolfing: Dieses Album ist wie guter Sex. Mal langsam, mal schnell, mal heftig, mal ruhig. Mit Song 9 hat die Band auch einen Hit im Gepäck, der ein breites Publikum anspricht.

Strich 8 / Dingolfing: This Album is like great sex. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes hitting hard, sometimes calm. With trak no. 9 the band has a Hit in Hands wich reaches a wide audience.

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Artefacts climbs to position no. 3 in the DAC

Published on Mar 30, 2007 at 6:28 pm.
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Artefacts on position 4 in DAC

Artefacts climbes to position 4 in the german alternativecharts!!! writes:

It takes little more than 60 seconds of Lukas Scheider’s second Auto Aggression album to realise that in the twilight of their existence, Dependent may have been on the cusp of bringing a significant new talent to a wide audience. One that can shoulder the pressure of names like Autechre, Haujobb, and William Orbit without buckling and, what’s more, push back one of the most arresting LPs on Dependent for sometime.

the whole review can be found under:

another two reviews can be found at:


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Artefacts in the DAC

The new Autoaggression Album “Artefacts” enters the DAC (german alternative charts) on place 6!!!

The press says:

“Lukas Schneider macht hier elektronische Musik, die trotz aller Intelligenz nie zu verkopft und immer sehr spannend und melodisch klingt.” - Zillo Musikmagazin.

“Lukas Schneider makes electronic music, that besides all intelligence sounds very melodic and exciting.” - Zillo musicmagazine

“Schlussendlich bleibt das Fazit, dass das aktuelle Werk einen Meilenstein in der Geschichte der elektronischen Musik darstellt.” - Orkus Musikmagazin.

“In the end one thing is certain, the actual release is a milestone in the history of electronic music.” - Orkus musicmagazine

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“Artefacts” rocks the press :: Autoaggression hits the XBox once more

“Artefacts” is the Album of the month (6 of 6 points) on!!!

There are also is an Interview with Lukas the mastermind behind Autoaggression online on

And there is another great game outthere for all you XBox360 geeks. “Crackdown” features two Autoaggression tracks!!!

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